Country up-and-comers Delta Rae are premiering the music video for their song “No Peace in Quiet” exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play above to watch.

As with so many great country songs, the inspiration for “No Peace in Quiet” came after a breakup that Delta Rae guitarist Eric Holljes describes as “crushing.” The relationship, he says was "the first relationship that really meant a lot to me," and the breakup, he admits, was his fault.

“After it ended and she left and the door closed, I was just confronted with this silence,” Holljes says of the inspiration for "No Peace in Quiet." “It was overwhelming. Everything reminded me of what I had lost, and I felt like such an idiot."

Despite its decidedly sad subject matter, "No Peace in Quiet" commemorates a turning point for Holljes: Surrounded by the oppressive silence of his empty apartment, Holljes decided to make the move to Nashville.

“I left everything behind: My furniture, my dishes, my pictures, my Christmas decorations, my bed. It all felt haunted,” he says. “I just took whatever I could fit in my car and drove to Nashville. I’m not proud of any of this, but it felt like my only way to get some distance and sanity. I haven’t been back in the apartment since.”

Holljes wrote "No Peace in Quiet" with Adam Wood and Tiffany Goss.

Alongside fellow vocalist Elizabeth Hopkins, percussionist Mike McKee, bassist Grant Emerson and his siblings Brittany and Ian, Holljes helped form Delta Rae in the band’s home state of North Carolina. With Holljes now in Nashville and some of his bandmates joining him, Delta Rae have found a second home in Music City.

“Although my siblings and I lived here when we were younger, the band is new to Nashville, and being from North Carolina, it can often feel like we’re the new kid in school looking for a place to sit and have lunch on our first day,” Holljes says. “I’ve been so grateful to those who’ve welcomed us, and I’m excited to make friends and incredible art in a city that is quickly feeling like home.”

At present, Delta Rae -- who are signed to the Valory Music Co. -- are touring the country. Their upcoming stops include dates in Pennsylvania, Colorado and Nevada.

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