David Lee Murphy's Out With a Bang album -- his debut project, released in 1995 -- spawned multiple singles, but none was as successful as "Dust on the Bottle." Released in August of 1995, that song went on to become Murphy's first No. 1 hit as an artist.

Out With a Bang also became the best-selling album by a new male country artist in 1995, and was later certified platinum. Below, Murphy -- who has written numerous songs for other artists, including No. 1s for Jason Aldean and Jake Owen, among others -- tells The Boot about how "Dust on the Bottle" came to be.

We had just started recording my Out With a Bang album. I had the idea for that song, but I hadn't ever done anything with it.

I just remember being at my house the second day [of recording]: We started recording on Monday, and Tuesday morning, I was drinking coffee at my kitchen table. I started playing the opening chords on my guitar for "Dust on the Bottle." It just came out of nowhere. The song just fell out in, like, 15 minutes.

I called Tony Brown, who was producing my record, and I told him, "Man, I just wrote this new song!" We had all the songs picked out already for the album. He told me to bring it in and play it for him that day. When he heard the song, he said, "Man, we've got to cut this."

So we cut it, and what's on the record is the first take of the song. A lot of the vocals on it were the first time I sang it.

This story was originally written by Alanna Conaway, and revised by Angela Stefano.

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