As the weather turned for the better this past weekend it was a chance for many to really enjoy being outdoors for a nice long walk, a trip around the city on the bike trail, or get your hands dirty. And that's exactly what I did. The dirt part.

Having my arm in a sling the last half of last year I have been anxious to get our garden going. And we made a huge dent over Saturday and Sunday by planting 16 of the 20 tomato plants and as you can see by the picture above those little leaves are cucumber plants. All 36 of them.

I know what you're thinking. Does he really need 36 plants? Guess what? I don't eat them. My wife loves the burpless cucumbers which are the long skinny variety. And we give the rest to neighbors, friends, and coworkers.

And why is there a six-foot ladder in the middle of that little space? That's how we make the Cuke Castle. There will be the addition of two 2x5 foot lattice on the sides plus a four-foot wire screen at the top of the ladder. Do the math and the Cuke Castle towers 10 feet.

This technique of vertical gardening isn't new. And for those who have limited space, it's so simple. You just need to use your imagination. Look around your storage shed or your garage and use those materials that you are hoarding for no particular reason.

Dave Roberts/Townsquare Media
Dave Roberts/Townsquare Media

Among our garden supplies are bamboo poles. After the cukes begin vining up, take a couple of the bamboo and thread them through that top screen you placed at the top of the ladder. Push them through horizontally. Trust me. When the vines reach that point they will curl around the poles and it will look like a scarecrow at its peak.

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