Though it's been a year with many high points -- including reunions, comebacks and a steady stream of high-quality music -- 2018 has also held moments of pain. For family, friends and fans alike, the deaths of respected members of the country community represent the lowest points of the year.

Some of the country names who have passed away in 2018 include Glenn Snoddy, the man behind "the Nashville sound," and Randy Scruggs, son of Earl Scruggs and a beloved musician, songwriter and producer in his own right. Artists Lari White, Daryle Singletary and Roy Clark are also among the beloved members of the country music community who have died this year.

Click through the photo gallery below to read more about the lives, careers and memories left by these talented artists who died in 2018.

This story was originally written by Riane Konc, and updated by Carena Liptak, Angela Stefano and Sterling Whitaker.

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