The words are all too familiar now.

Postponed. Cancelled. Delayed. Removed. Closed.

But some words that are popping up are 'Adapt'. 'Pivot'. 'Change'. 'Rearrange'.

By now you know that schools are closed for the rest of this session. Kaput. Done. Online classes are a thing of, not the future, but the here and now. While many are experienced with it, others are learning something new while they're learning something new.

Sports seasons have ended, prom is only a wishful thought and graduation won't happen.

Or will it?

Adapt. Pivot. Change.

A bunch of decades ago I spent some fun nights at the Verne Drive-in over in Luverne, Minnesota. Popcorn. Soda. A great movie.

Well, what if we changed those words to: Students. Commencement Speaker. Graduation.

Oh, I haven't thought this through, not at all. I'm not at all sure if it would work, how it would work or frankly if it would work at all.

But I envision cars filling the drive-in, each with a High School graduate. Each with its radio tuned to...' something FM', just the way you hear a movie. The High School Logo and each student's picture on the big screen. The Commencement speaker on that FM radio. And as each graduate's name is read, honking horns and flashing headlights.

Or something like that.

Adapt. Pivot. Change. And make the most special memory.

Possible? I don't know. It might not work everywhere, because drive-ins aren't everywhere like they used to be. But there's a few, here and there.

At least a thought.

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