Cheesy. Campy. Silly. Cartoonish. Corny. Unbelievable.

Looking back at the 1960's 'Batman' television series, any and all of those words could be used to describe it. And that's exactly why it was so good!

"batman' didn't take itself seriously and thank goodness for that. The franchise has gone through a lot of changes through the years. Currently there's a TV series called 'Gotham' that explores the beginnings of the legend of Batman. It's dark, violent, nasty, wicked and completely over the top. It's cartoonish in it's own way and really unbelievable. And I love it, too!

But there's something special about the old 'Batman' series. It nestles nicely right there in the corner of my heart, certainly not my all time favorite show, not even in the Top Twenty. I look at the old reruns now and, well, occasionally cringe...and smile.

Adam West is 87 years old now, all these decades removed from wearing the cowl and cape. His crime fighting partner Robin? That was Burt Ward, a sprightly 70 years old. And thank goodness both look back on their 'Batman' days with fondness and love.

In this video clip, West talks about the tone of 'Batman'.

Oh, and by the way, if you haven't seen 'Batman' in a million years (or at least it seems that way), you can watch it every Saturday night at 6:00 on METV. I do.