Chuck Wicks knows a thing or two about writing a memorable love song. His 2007 debut single "Stealing Cinderella" reached the Top 5 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart became a lifelong staple at weddings. Now, Wicks is back with his sophomore album Turning Point, which encompasses 11 tracks, all co-written by him, including the poignant ballad "Always."

A song that Wicks' own brother used as his wedding song, it's safe to say "Always" will be the wedding song of 2016.

"I definitely think it's a wedding song," Wicks tells Taste of Country. "My brother just got married and played 'Always' at his wedding for his first dance. 'Always' is a type of song ... find the girl you would sing that song to and make sure you go marry her. If you can sing that song to her and you mean everything behind it, that's the one you need to marry."

Wicks' Turning Point showcases his growth as a songwriter and a vocalist. He co-produced the album with Andy Dodd, and the majority of the songs beneath the cover are ballads, which Wicks often prefers to uptempo tracks.

"I love a good ballad. A great love song is timeless and that's what I love about those," he says. "That's kind of my go-to."

Having written each song on Turning Point, Wicks says every one came from a real place. It's this honesty that he says is most important when it comes to songwriting.

"I'm not going to get up there and sing about something I know nothing about. You get up there and you sing about stuff that you can sell. People will look at you and go, 'Wow, I believe every word that guy is saying.' If you can't do that then you're not doing your job," he says. "You just have to write about real life."

One song that strikes a chord with its relatability is "I Don't Do Lonely Well," which Jason Aldean originally recorded for his 2012 album Night Train. Wicks said he had a different version of the song that he wanted to share with fans.

Wicks' original is more stripped down, accompanied by light piano and percussion, allowing his voice to be the focal point of the song.

"I love Jason Aldean's version, I love that he put it on his record and am extremely thankful for it, that he thought that much of the song," Wicks says. "I think there's something cool when you can take the same song and have two different artists sing it and it portray different emotions. It's the same lyrics, same song, it's the same deal but it's finding a different way to say I love you. I think that's the difference on these two. It's my way of saying I don't do lonely well and he has his version of it. I think they're both great and they both deserve to be on albums."

It has eight years since Wicks released his debut album with Starting Now, he is quick to remind that he never left. He has released an EP and put out singles between his two full-length album and looks at Turning Point as a new opportunity for his career.

"This is a second shot for me, a second chance. I had a lot of success on the first shot and the first chance but that came to a halt for a little bit and I had to figure out what was going on and get back on track," he says. "Everything happened so quick when I first came out as an artist [that] I didn't have time to enjoy it. I think the biggest change for me with this album and touring and getting this new music out is just to enjoy it, to have fun with it. I can stand behind everything that I'm doing with everything I've got and there's a lot to be said for that."

Turning Point will be released on Feb. 26. Wicks will celebrate with an eight-city tour, which will make a stop at Nashville's Tin Roof on album release night.

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