While some kids had a disappointing first day of kindergarten, others had a memorable one.

A Michigan boy whose police officer father died in the line of duty was taken to his first day of kindergarten via police escort last week.

P.J. Hill had wanted his dad, Patrick Hill, who died while serving for the Detroit police two years ago, to take him to school when the day came, so when the day finally did come, Patrick's colleagues rose to the occasion and took him and his sister to school.

P.J.'s mom was touched by the gesture:

I think it's a good representation of Big Patrick because I think that, although physically not here, spiritually he is always with us. And then to have all of the people that he worked with, because he absolutely loved what he did, to come and be here was just even more presence."

P.J. is one of four children left behind when Patrick died.

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