It revolutionized bad breath.

Well, that might be a little exaggerated. But when they hit the market, they were a hit indeed!

Hard to believe Tic Tac's turn a half-century old this year. But yep, it was 1969 when these little breath fresheners first showed up on store shelves. And we grabbed them off the shelves in a hurry.

In fact, here's nine sweets, treats and snacks that hit the big 5-O this year. From a guy we were introduced to named Orville Redenbacher to a hefty sandwich we called a Manwich (or maybe just an elegantly named Sloppy Joe), these items all came into our life 50 years ago. For some, they've been on the planet forever. For others it's more of a 'Oh yeah, I remember when that came out'.

Some (Frosted Mini-Wheats) may be recalled quicker than others (Kaboom cereal), but they all said 'Howfy' back in 1969.

Now then, if you would please, hand over one of those tasty Charms Blow-Pops. And yes, I had my first one when they were brand spankin' new 50 years ago.

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