Are there any certain cars out there that you really wish you could buy? You know, a particular brand and model that's caught your eye, and you've told yourself to think about getting one.

Well, don't hold back! You only live once, so go out and get the car of your dreams. There's only one catch. Well, yes, you'll have to have the means for paying for it, but also make sure the car you want isn't disappearing.

Hopefully the vehicle you want isn't one of the following. Had your heart set on a Chevrolet Volt? Been eyeing a Toyota Prius C? Always wanted a Buick LaCrosse or Cadillac ATS?

I hope not because you are going to be disappointed. All those models have been declared dead and remaining inventory is all that's left.

It has always been a mystery to me how a certain car can be the hot new ride on the road. And then they are completely gone. Non the less, all those formerly mentioned vehicles are done.


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