As a father of three boys under the age of six, the questions I ask going to a pool now are much different than the ones when I was in my younger years.

One of the main topics that my wife and I inquire about the most is whether or not a pool allows "floaties" or floating devices.

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As you make your way out this summer to the public pools in Sioux Falls, we will give you that answer before you make the trip.

Are "floaties" or floating devices allowed at Sioux Falls public pools?

The answer is no.

Those devices not allowed include traditional life jackets, kids' "floaties" for their arms, floating furniture, and more. (basically, if it will keep you floating, it is not allowed)

There are a couple of obvious reasons for the decision, from liability to insuring parents or guardians are closely monitoring young kids instead of relying on the floating device to be the chaperone.

The great thing about the Sioux Falls public pools in my opinion is all the small depth kids pools they have throughout the city.

You literally can walk through them and your kids who can't swim yet will still have a blast.

For more information on the Sioux Falls public pools, their hours, and other activities that they offer, you can visit their website.


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