KSFY TV reporter Colton Molesky was doing a live shot in Mitchell, South Dakota Thursday morning. The topic Molesky was reporting on had to do with the extreme flooding in the southeastern portion of the state.

During his live break this driver drove right into the deep flood water over the street. Remember the phrase, “Turn Around, Don't Drown!” Apparently the person driving this car hadn't head that before.

12 inches of water is all it takes to float most cars. If you’re floating, you’re not steering or braking. Who knows what happens after that. Plus you never know what's under the flood water. Manhole covers often pop out of place during a flood event.

If you put yourself in harms way and things go bad it's not just you that is going to be in a tight spot. You are risking the lives of the people that have to rescue you.

Perhaps another smart driving reminder should be: “Don't be stupid. Don't drive through flood waters.”

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