Due to COVID-19, summer fun, especially typical summer activities for children have definitely changed.  However, Camp Leif Ericson is determined to give kids across the Sioux Empire the best summer ever!

The staff at Camp Leif Ericson still want to keep the summer spirit alive for kids, but at a safe distance.  For the very first time, Camp Leif Ericson has introduced "Camp@Home."  Otherwise known as "Virtual Camp Week," this unique opportunity is being held from June 22nd until June 26th.  According to its website, "Camp@Home" will give campers access to pre-recorded videos filled with a variety of activities to complete from the comfort of their homes.  The best part?  Parents can register their campers for time sessions that best accommodate their schedules.  This program also provides a unique opportunity for the campers to interact with the staff at Camp Leif Ericson through Zoom chats.

Don't worry parents, all your campers' basic camp needs will be covered!  Each registration fee includes a "Camp Bag."  According to its website, the "Camp Bag" includes "various camp goodies and supplies to go along with online content."   The bag will be delivered by Camp Leif Ericson staff directly to each campers' houses.  This bag can also be shipped to campers if they live outside of the Sioux Falls area.

The "Camp@Home" video programs last for about two hours.  Parents can register their campers by clicking here.

As of right now, Camp Leif Ericson will hold in-person camp sessions beginning in July through the middle of August.  Find out more information on these camps by clicking here.

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