There is one small appliance that is most common in older homes.  A dehumidifier.

Ever since we purchased our home 20 years ago we've found the need to use a dehumidifier in the basement.

Moving forward to May of 2015 and time to crank up the little water sucker-upper, nothin. Oh, it started right up when we plugged it in, but after a week it still hadn't pulled any moisture out of the air and the result was a dry bucket.

$235 later at a leading appliance store and one 24 hour period SCORE!

Today is August 23, 2017. Said small appliance is now three months past warranty. Which I was reminded by the customer service department of the company who made this thing that just sits there in our basement humming and cranking out warm air eating up electricity and not producing one damn drop of water in the bucket.


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