Change isn't always a good thing.

For those of us that love motoring around the great state of South Dakota, and visiting the small towns that make our state so unique, it seems like each of them has something, that one thing, that makes them special.

To many people, that special thing about Britton is the 'smiley face' lettering on the water tower that let's you know you've arrived in Britton. To many in the area, it has become a landmark, having been looking out across the town since the 1970's.

And now, according to the Aberdeen American News, it will stay. Seems the city council had proposed repainting the tower with an American Flag, using grant money the town had received for infrastructure upgrades. And while there's certainly nothing wrong with an American Flag, folks made their feelings known that there's nothing wrong with a 'You Are In Britton' smiley face on the tower either.

So, it a great show of small town democracy, the city council heard the voice of the people and the smiley face stays.

So my friends, when you stop in Britton on your summer travels, look up at the water tower and smile back!

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