I have been feeling very despondent, a lot lately. All of the horrible things going on in the world, from politics to crime, have just made me feel very sad, extremely frustrated and just a smidge desperate.

So when I saw this video and heard the story that went with it, it was a ray of sunshine breaking into my currently darkened soul.

Josh Breaux of Pierre Port, Louisiana is a dog lover and until last year when his own beloved dog passed away, he was a dog owner. He missed his dog so much and one day while out riding his bike he pedaled past the open garage of the Mallett family's home and there he saw a friendly black Lab, who in his opinion looked huggable.

Duchess, the lovable Lab was more than open to a little extra attention from a boy with a big heart who was missing his own pet. Hollie Mallett, Duchess's owner caught the boy on video several times performing his hit-and-run cuddles and was amazed and amused by this adorable exchange. She took to Facebook to find out who the little boy was and wanted to let him know it was okay for him to stop by anytime and hang out with Duchess.

Once again the social media giant came through. Josh, his mom, Holly and Duchess had a meet-and-greet and now Josh gets to spend quality time with his new best buddy. His mom was initially somewhat concerned, saying that Josh knew he shouldn't go on to other people's property, unless he was asked, ever. But when a boy loves a friendly pooch and the feeling is mutual, how can you argue with that?

Josh's family is planning on getting a new dog soon, but until then he and Duchess have each other. Kleenex please!

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