Taking a tour of the Sioux Falls Quarries next to the WH Lyon Fairgrounds was certainly interesting, but surprisingly beautiful as well.  We took the tour in April of 2018 and snapped these pictures.  It was a fascinating excursion, actually fun to drive underneath Madison street through the tiny tunnel connecting both quarries. Now you have a chance to get on the tour bus for a guided tour this April.

Minnehaha County has a long history in the quarry industry and the viable business continues to boom today.  The free tour will provide information on modern techniques, and give you a glimpse into the beauty of natural waterfalls and wildlife that co-exist in the quarries.

While digging down deeper is planned for the next decade, it becomes cost prohibitive to continue.  At that time a reclamation plan will be enacted.

Many of our historic structures took shape from the beautifully chiseled quarry rock from this and other quarries in East Sioux Falls, Rowena, and Pipestone. Although the rock is no longer excavated in such a labor-intensive way, the usefulness of the stone is sought out for projects like roads and construction, to other surprising ways.

Tours of the concrete Materials quarry will be held on Tuesdays in April.  Space is limited and seats fill up, so call 367-4210 to reserve your tour.  Each group will meet at the Irene Hall Museum Resource Center at 4300 N. Westport Avenue.


Beth Warden (results radio)
Beth Warden (results radio)

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