Black bears are curious critters. Sometimes, they don't have the good sense to stay in the forest and find themselves in a neighborhood. Such was the3 case in the northern Minnesota town of Centerville when 2 teenage girls were doing some gardening when one spotted a black animal out the corner of her eye. Thinking it was their friends' black lab dog they didn't give it another thought. Until one made eye contact with a black bear that had strolled into their neighborhood.

Hailey Nelson, age 17, and Dori Arndt, age 15, we're hanging out at friend Hailey Nyberg's house when the bear wandered past the driveway. The girls let out a healthy scream and fled into the house. A security camera placed in one of the home’s windows recorded the action.

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And to prove that teens cherish their phones over everything else, they took time to pick up their cells before fleeing to the house.

Meanwhile, the bear wandered through a few backyards before leaving the area.

Here's the full video to see and hear about the teen's encounters.

According to Katie Johnston from CBSN Minnesota, the bear was estimated to be a year or two old.

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