Well, it won't be long and the late great Bing Crosby will once again be heard on radio stations around the world. After all, what would Christmas be without Bing crooning the all-time classic 'White Christmas'?

Bing Crosby is an entertainment icon, one of the biggest pop music stars the world has ever known. And who can forget the great Bing Crosby/Bob Hope 'Road' movies? As a kid (and years after those 'Road' movies were made, i used to love watching Bing and Bob on any number of variety TV shows, including the Bob Hope Christmas specials. Heck, Bing had his own specials, especially around Christmas time (did you see Bing and David Bowie together on one?).

But Bing Crosby, country music legend?

Well, that may be stretching it a bit. You won't find Bing's name in the Country Music Hall of Fame beside Lefty and Hag and Loretta and Patsy.

But he did have a huge country hit back in 1943. Actually back in those 'old days' it wasn't called the country music chart, it was called 'Juke Box Folk Records Chart' and later renamed 'Hot Country Songs Chart'.

Anyway, there's Bing along with the legendary Andrews Sisters atop the chart with 'Pistol Packin' Mama'. In fact, both Bing/Andrews Sisters and the guy who wrote the lyrics, Al Dexter, topped the chart with the song. And through the years it's been recorded by dozens of artists including a 1960 Gene Vincent pop hit version.

So when you hear Bing Crosby sing 'White Christmas' (over and over and over) this Christmas season, remember that, while not being a country music legend, Bing did top what became the Country Music Singles Chart.

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