Construction on Sioux Falls Rotary Park west bank stated in 2019. The city cut down over 200 trees and started in on building the west bank of the Big Sioux River at 26th and Southeastern into a beautiful public space.

26th Street is still under construction and is being widened to five lanes plus turn lanes from the I-229 interchange to Southeastern Avenue. But you can still get to the new Rotary Park expansion from 26th street. You can also get there by using the new pedestrian bridge from the east side Rotary Park of by river using the new cement boat landing/launch.

Some of the amenities you'll find as part of the newly expanded west side Rotary Park include a large covered picnic shelter, lots of playground equipment for the kids, a big parking lot that links to the new bridge giving access to the great Sioux Falls bike trail system, indoor restrooms, drinking fountains, bike racks, and placards that explain about the history and reformation of this park area.

As explained on one of the historical markers this location of the historical Big Sioux River channel was susceptible to seasonal flooding. And to improve Sioux Falls flood resilience the city spent $48.5 million in the flood control system back in 1965.

I've always felt that one of the many great things about Sioux Falls is our usage of city green space. Rotary Park is a fine example of the many nice parks you can get to via our awesome bike trail system. Now is an especially good time to get out and take advantage of some of Sioux Falls outdoor offerings.

Big Sioux Falls Park Project Complete

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