There is no major news from the Sioux Falls Police Department recently. This development is good news and gives a semblance of hope for the time being, though tempers will eventually flare and mischief will recur.

A good amount of day time and night time rain could be one catalyst behind the lack of heinous crimes. Captain Loren McManus says it was a quiet Thursday night with most of the flooding issues outside of Sioux Falls.

“For the most part, we didn’t have a lot of impact within the city directly. Most of it was in the periphery. Aside from the closing of 57th Street (near Highway 11), we didn’t really have any flooding issues this time around.”

When it comes to the areas outside city limits, Sioux Falls Police will be ready to assist if the situation is warranted. McManus says there was no need in this last case.

“We certainly are available to have that happen if (another agency) would ask for assistance, but in this particular episode we did not get called out to help.”

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