According to Food & Wine Magazine, after over 3 years of research, they've found the best "Classic" restaurants in all 50 states. So who came up on top in the Mount Rushmore State? The winner lies in the town of Brookings and has quite an intriguing menu.

South Dakota is full of plenty of unique and delicious restaurants, but this place is so good, it's considered an institution in Brookings.

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So what comes out on top in South Dakota?

It's the Pheasant Restaurant and Lounge, of course. The Pheasant has dishes and entrees that are hard to find almost anywhere else. Looking for Bison Steak? They've got it. Wild Game Sandwiches? They've got those too. Have a craving for Duck Wings? Yep, you can get those at the Pheasant as well.

The Pheasant has been in business for 72 years and is still one of the more special eateries around. I mean, where else can you get a Norweigian Waffle stuffed with mashed potatoes, roast beef, and gravy?

What about some of South Dakota's neighbors? Well, the top spot in Minnesota goes to Murray's Steakhouse in downtown Minneapolis. In Iowa, travel to the northwest corner of the state and you'll find Archie’s Waeside Le Mars. In Nebraska, the number one "classic" restaurant goes to Ole’s Big Game Steakhouse, which is located in the far western part of the Cornhusker state. And in North Dakota, The Ranch, in northeastern North Dakota takes the top prize.

To see the full list of all 50 states, check out all the details from the Food & Wine Magazine article.

Story Source: Food & Wine Magazine

Story Source: Pheasant Restaurant & Lounge

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