In this business we get to hear a lot of new songs and albums. As they say, "The hits just keep coming."

It's not unusual to listen to something new, and kind of feel like it's not anything great. It's some more of the same old stuff.

What's really cool is when you are shocked to hear what you've been waiting for. The song that just grabs you.

That's how I feel about "Windy City" by Alison Krauss. Her version of the classic country song once recorded by The Osborne Brothers, is extremely good.

Alison Krauss wanted to put a country album together. She knew in her heart that producer Buddy Cannon had to help her and head up a top team. Watch this video of the people behind making the masterpiece:

The song that I think is the best recording I've heard from a female artist in years is Alison singing "Windy City". Please treat yourself to taking a listen to it:

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