If a person is known through the words he writes, well, you already know John Schweers.  At least, you do if you listen to and love Country Music.

John Schweers has written dozen's of the great Country Classic's that you know and love...and sing along with!

Which one's? Well, to start with 'Amazing Love' and 'She's Just An Old Love Turned memory' by Hall of Famer Charley Pride.  Then of course 'Golden Tears' by Dave and Sugar, plus 'Your Memory' a #1 smash for Steve Wariner.

Oh, there's many more, by artist's like Janie Fricke, Alabama, Trace Adkins and more.

But the guy who can really introduce you to John Schweers is Ronnie Milsap.

Let's start with this one.



Now that your toe is tapping, let's get another great Classic John wrote for Ronnie.



And then, of course, John Schweers gave us this sing-a-long, hand-clapper.  Go ahead, turn it up!



One of the great talents in the history of Country Music.  You've known him for years.  You just didn't recognize the name.


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