I know what you're thinking...why in the world would this girl write an article about the "Bad News Bears?"  Despite having an uneventful season, there are some Bears' fans who continuously support the team regardless of their performance, including celebrities.

The Chicago Bears recently identified their Top 10 Celebrity Bears' Fans.  The Top 5 fans are:

  1. President Barack Obama: This doesn't come as a surprise.  The Chicago Bears states, "The 44th President of the United States moved to Chicago in 1985 and has been a huge Bears fan ever since."
  2. Ashton Kutcher:  Although he is not from the Chicagoland area, the actor grew up loving the Bears in a small town in Iowa.
  3. Bill Murray: Growing up in the town of Wilmette, IL. the actor is the ultimate Chicago fan.....except he's on the wrong side of town when it comes to his favorite baseball team....just my personal opinion.
  4. Vince Vaughn: Vaughn is another recognizable actor from the Chicagoland area.  He even graduated from Lake Forest High School which is not too far from Halas Hall.
  5. Dwyane Wade: The champion NBA star makes the Top 5 list of Celebrity Bears' fans.  He grew up on the south side of the city.

Other celebrities on the list include NBA future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan, WWE Star Seth Rollins, and Actor Matt Jones.

Source:  Chicago Bears

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