The last thing you're expecting to see when walking into your local convenience store is a 500-pound bear looking for junk food, but that's just what happened in California earlier this week.

Bears will eat just about anything, that's not surprising. But what's surprising about this video is the bear casually strolling into the store to grab snacks and a random man just as casually shooing the potentially harmful predator away from the business.

The most bizarre thing about this story is this particular bear seems to have a sweet tooth, as it's done this before. According to Dakota News Now, The California Department of Fish and Wildlife stated the bear has made multiple snack runs, which have all been caught on video.

One encounter actually shows the bear lunging at an employee who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Luckily the employee came away from the incident unscathed but did mention that this wasn't in his job description.

In the bear's latest late-night snack attack, a customer actually slaps the bear on the behind, following it around the store and eventually scaring it away.

Thankfully, the bear seems to have been released into the wild and will no longer be a menace to area stores. But unfortunately for the bear, the snacks aren't nearly as tasty in the forest as the ones at 7/11.

Check out the video below and read the full story at Dakota News Now.

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