School Daze for us Baby Boomers.

It meant going with Mom and Dad to Sioux Falls (for us it was Sioux Falls, for you it was probably wherever the closest 'big town' was). It was time to get some new shirts, jeans, underwear, school supplies like pencils, tablets (no, not that kind of tablet...I mean the paper kind) and crayons.  But one thing was most important of all.

Your lunchbox. A lot of time was spent poring over lunchbox after lunchbox after lunchbox. Hey, you had to have the perfect one! Now, the lunchbox itself wasn't so important, it was who or what was on that lunchbox!

I would wager to say that if you're one of us 'Baby Boomers' you may have had...let's see...The Jetsons? Maybe The Flintstones? How about Bonanza or perhaps Gunsmoke? Oh, and Davy Crockett or Daniel Boone was a favorite!

I'd guess the favorite was probably Roy Rogers and Trigger. Yep, 'ol Roy was not only the King of the Cowboys, he was King of the Lunchboxes, too.

I suppose it depended on what age of Baby Boomer you are.

Now to be perfectly 100% honest, I don't remember what you girls favored. After all, it was just me and my brother in our little farmhouse. But I'm thinkin' Barbie was probably on quite a bunch, at least in the years after she came out in 1959. Perhaps some Mickey Mouse Club one's in the 50's?

These lunchboxes were made of metal back there 'in the day', and the thermos that fit inside was good, heavy glass. I guess it was somewhere along the way in the 70's that they went all plastic. Some say it's because we were klunking each other on the noggin with the metal one's (hard to believe us angel's would do that!). Others say it was just a lot cheaper. Either way, those metal lunchboxes you and I grew up with went into the dust bin of history.

So, go ahead, think back...who was on your lunchbox?

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