The Amazon Echo, or "Alexa" as "she" is often referred to is a voice-controlled device that will do everything from playing the latest tunes, to creating shopping lists, to ordering dog food when you forget to check the shopping list, to serving as a home automation hub, to telling you a knock-knock joke.

Alexa is the latest in SmartTechnology. So of course we had to put her to the test by asking her stupid questions.

And perhaps the Kings of Stupid are non other than the cast of Monty Python. In their classic movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail, King Arthur and his knights must cross the Bridge of Death by answering three questions posed to them by the Bridge Keeper. The first two are simple: What is Your Name? What is Your Quest?

Ahhh, but could Alexa answer the final question and prevent us from being cast into the valley of death?

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