Do you think you are single because you never forwarded those chain emails from back in 2005 or is it because your standards are too high?

According to even the kind of phone device you choose these days can be grounds for relationship issues or even ending.

Here are some responses people on Facebook chimed in with on actual reasons why people broke off a relationship or why they were dumped:

  • I was told I clap too loud
  • Relationship ended because I say 'Whazuuup' whenever I answer the phone
  • He had strong body odor
  • He was a smoker and she couldn't stand the smell of his clothes
  • She documented too much of her life on social media
  • She had "tingers" which are toes that look to much like fingers
  • He let the microwave run all the way out and didn't stop it before it beeped. She claims she asked him to stop doing it multiple times.



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