Here's a story on the Tony Stewart that I know. I know him as a man that loves racing beyond imagination and as a human being who has helped people.

And I mean really helped people. This story tells of Tony helping someone who can't walk cope with life and become a winner.

Eric Saunders, now 22 years old, was an up and coming motorcycle racer. A little over four years ago he crashed in a motocross race and this time he didn't get up. He was paralyzed and lost the use of both his legs.

Tony Stewart, who recently had his reputation challenged, reached out to the young Saunders giving him a new 600cc sprint car that was specially equipped with hand controls. Tony did this two years ago, which was two years after Saunders was paralyzed.

Stewart did not inform the media. He did not make any statements. He just simply did it. And he did it from his heart. Tony also was personally at the track to watch Saunders race the car at Plymouth Speedway in Indiana in 2012.

Let's take a ride with Saunders in the car:

Now for the big part of the story. The dream comes true. This past Saturday October 4, Eric Saunders rolled into victory lane. A dream that wouldn't have come true if not for Tony Stewart.

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