Adrian Peterson made an appearance on ESPN's First Take on Thursday morning and provided a shortlist of teams he would like to play for.

Chances are that the Minnesota Vikings and Adrian Peterson will have to part this offseason due to his astronomical contract for the upcoming season. If the deal is not restructured, Peterson's days in Minnesota are coming to an end. As of now, the Vikings have about $20 million in cap space (including the carryover from last year) total.

If Peterson was to be cut by the Vikings, that would open up $18 million on the salary cap. Yes, that amount of money would give the Vikings about $37 million of cap room to work with this offseason.

So on his appearance on First Take this morning (January 19), Peterson made it known who he would like to play for in 2017 if he isn't back with the Vikings. He specifically mentioned that he would prefer to play for a team with a lot of offensive weapons and for the chance to win a Super Bowl.

Those teams he mentioned:

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • New York Giants
  • Houston Texans

In case you're wondering the Vikings host Tampa Bay in 2017. As for the other two teams, the Vikings won't see the Giants in 2017 unless it's in the playoffs, and they won't play Houston unless they meet in the Super Bowl. Next confirmed games against both of those teams are in 2019 (Giants) and 2020 (Houston).

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