I'm not into scary things but I do enjoy going through the Jaycee's Haunted House. This year my daughters begged me to take them. With much hesitation I agreed but with warnings, such as no waking me up in the middle of the night because of nightmares, they are just people wearing masks, they will try and scare you, and don't scream in my ear.

Thea was very scared and my friend Jeni put her under her coat because as you will hear in the beginning she started crying and wanted to go back but that would of sucked for the whole group, thankfully she was good under the coat!

Lots of screams later we made it through! It was a lot of fun and as much as I don't like scary things there is something to be said about the being scared to get you going and feeling your heart beating faster! By the way Quincy, who is 10, loved it!