A fisherman in Clark, SD. survived a harrowing ordeal. One that would have left a "lesser man dead." The incredible story was laid out on Facebook by his wife, and after reading it you'll agree that it was nothing short of a miracle he survived.

It began on Wednesday, July 7. Read the following post which is textbook keeping calm under pressure and the helpful spirit of South Dakotans who helped save a life that day.

One of the most asked questions about the story is "what is a bottom bouncer?" The short answer is a wire with a sinker made for keeping bait on the bottom the lake. It's "L-shaped" with a snap-swivel on one end for the lure or bait and the other end is just a thin, stiff wire made for easily guiding over the bottom or through weeds. When Todd set the hook, the rig flew out of the water in directly into his heart.

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The family is forever thankful for the prayers offered and the heroic efforts of Clark County volunteers and Game, Fish, and Parks officers. And, of course, the people who helped with everything after the ordeal.

The surgeon said, "a lesser man would be dead." That blunt statement makes all of us think about mortality a little more and thankful for the gift of life. We're thankful for this outcome and wish Todd a speedy recovery so he and his family can get back out there and land some more walleye.

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