Cabin Fever. It's a real thing. Who knew?

I remember the old days, say a couple of months, a couple of years, a couple of decades ago. It was nice to have a day or two off. Not going to work, not going on vacation, just a day or two off to do...nothing.

Well thanks, or rather no thanks, to this whole Coronavirus thing, there are too many hours to do nothing.

I guess I realized I actually had this 'Cabin Fever' thing when I felt like I'd like to go shopping. And I'm the kind of person, you see, that essentially hates shopping. Oh, I don't mind going to the store when I need (or want) to buy something. But I'm a 'find it, buy it and leave' kind of guy, not the 'meander around the store for a while' type.

Anyway, in these upside downtimes, we can't do a lot of things we did 2 months ago. And I've watched enough TV to last me a good long time. I needed to break out.

And so I did. Or rather, we did.

I told my wife 'Let's go for a drive'. She asked where. 'Nowhere'. She replied 'You can't go anywhere, you have to go somewhere'. I said 'Well, instead of somewhere, how about anywhere?'

She knew better than to carry on that conversation, so into the Malibu we jumped and we were off.

We meandered (I didn't know I was meandering but my wife told me I was) through parts of Sioux Falls we hadn't seen in good long time. We found our way through backroads to Brandon, then motored well below the speed limit to Valley Springs. I am happy to report Valley Springs is fine and the folks I saw sure do way back and smile.

Then where should we go, Hills or Beaver Creek? What the heck, let's be wild and do both, via Manley. By the way, that fella and his wife and kids in Beaver Creek mowing and blowing grass and leaves, you looked great!

Then more back roads, some tractors in the field, a shortcut here and a longcut there and next thing you know, Garretson and Corson and back to Brandon.

I suppose we didn't see anything and we saw everything, just like we went nowhere and everywhere.

But one thing I can report: My Cabin Fever went down and there's another nowhere/everywhere trip being planned for next week. So here I come Lennox, Wakonda, Canton, and Beresford!

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