Proving it's never too late to get an education, in Cedar Falls, Iowa, 99-year-old Audrey Crabtree finally graduated from high school and got her diploma over 80 years after dropping out.

Ironically, she only needed one more credit to hit the mark. This week she received an honorary diploma for her time at Waterloo East High School.

'And I feel so much smarter,' she says. When Ms. Crabtree was in school, it was a one-room school house in northeast Iowa, but she left in 1932 due to a swimming and diving accident that forced her to miss several school days.

She also had to care for her sick grandmother. She could have gone back the next fall and finished but that would have interfered with her plans to marry her first husband.

In 1957, the couple bought the flower shop where Crabtree had worked after their two children started school. But her husband died of a heart attack two months into their business venture.

She married two more times and outlived both husbands. Her family today includes five grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

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