If I had to pick out my favorite Garth Brooks song, I'd have to say it depends on the emotion I'm looking for (one of the reasons I love country music is the fact they bring out emotions).

If I want to party, or even just sat back with a perfectly chilled longneck and crank something up, well you can't beat 'Friends In Low Places'.

If I'm looking for something deeper, something that moves me in a completely different direction, then give me 'The Dance'.

To say Garth Brooks exploded onto the country music scene in the 1990's would be a massive understatement. Garth Brooks owned the 90's. And by the end of the decade he was no longer Garth Brooks.

He was just Garth.

Did you know 'The Dance' was the fourth and final single from his self titled debut album? Now I would've thought by the time you got to the fourth single off an album, you'd be startin' to get into weaker songs. That is why I'm not in the music making and marketing business. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Released in April of 1990 it went to number one and stayed there multiple weeks. It was named the Song of the Year by the Academy of Country Music and became a hit in country after country around the world. Personally I think the reason for that is, the song speaks to everyone of any country or nationality.

Written by Tony Arata, a lot of us wondered how in the world he would follow a smash like that!

Ahem...this is Garth. The follow-up single did pretty OK, too. It was the above referenced 'Friends In Low Places', which won the Academy of Country Music and Country Music Association Single of the Year..

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