Things seem to be a little tense around the country these days. Have you seen the Facebook meme that goes: “I just saved a ton of money on Christmas presents by discussing politics during Thanksgiving Dinner”?

If you didn't do that no use in ruining relationships by bringing the topic up at your other holiday gatherings.

We canvased a few folks around the Sioux Falls tri-state area and came up with this list of the “9 Safe Topics To Talk About At A South Dakota Christmas Gathering”.

1-So who do you think has the biggest nose on Mount Rushmore? (George Washington.    21 feet long. He was very sensitive about his big schnoz.)

2-Do you think Chislic should be grilled or deep-fried?

3-What does “Tan Bikini Grandma” wear in the winter?

4-Is it any easier to climb Black Elk Peak or Harney Peak?

5-Did you know the South Dakota State Soil is Houdek?

6-Does anyone have a good Kuchen recipe?

7-Is it pronounced “Peer” or “Pee-Air”?

8-Are Potato Days in Clark really Spudtacular?

9-Is everyone in South Dakota really on Meth?

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