A good song speaks to you. A great song speaks to you and everyone else of your generation.

And so it was in 1987 with the Bellamy Brothers 'Kids Of The Baby Boom'.

The second single from Howard and David's Country Rap album, the song was released in January of '87 and when you heard it you thought to yourself 'Yep, yep, yep, yep...' Every line was immediately understood and brought either a smile to your face or perhaps a tug on your heart.

The song was the follow-up to 'Too Much Is Not Enough' and it went to the top of the Country Music singles chart.

David Bellamy wrote the song and on a personal note, I think David is one of the best songwriters in country music and is way underrated as such. He has the talent to be clever in his songwriting ('If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me), and also with a single line...sometimes a single word...smack you right in the middle of your heart and in the center of where you live.

For me, that's the gist of a great songwriter.

The Bellamy's still tour the world and in fact will be stopping close by, at Grand Falls Casino and Resort October 13th. I'll bet the crowd will be singing along with the Florida natives on almost all their hits!

And while you listen (or re-listen) to a great classic from the 80's, take note of one of, what I think, is the best lines in country music: We all had Calvin Klein written on our underpants.

You don't hear that particular line in a lot of songs!

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