Not every healthy food is completely healthy. Sometimes they are toxic.

I will never forget that time as a kid when a teacher told me that there is poison in apples. I had eaten apples a bunch, how could this be?

What the teacher was telling me was technically true. But the poison isn't in the part of the apple we eat. There is a small amount of cyanide in the seeds, according to WebMD.

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Cyanide is nothing to scoff at. It's toxic because it essentially blocks cells in the body from being able to get oxygen. As WebMD says, don't go throwing a whole handful of apple seeds down for a little snack.



Cherry pits also have cyanide in them. But as long as you don't grind them up in a blender, or manage to chew those rock-like things up, they will pass right through you without causing a problem.



Nutmeg is great to throw into baked goods in small amounts. But if you eat a few scoops of it you may end up tripping balls. It contains myristicin which is used to make insecticides more effective, but it can have psychoactive properties stronger than mescaline (aka peyote).


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I love anything with rhubarb in it. That super tart flavor is great with just a little bit of sugar on the tip, or even better when it's put into a cheesecake desert. The stalks are perfectly fine to eat. The leaves however contain a gnarly substance called oxalic acid. Studies have shown it can cause breast cancer and can cause extreme damage to the tissue of mucous membranes in the respiratory system.

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