Country music history is filled with wonderful songs and classics that tell a story. Truth be known I suppose that's why I love country music!

So then, in a musical field that is known for telling a great story, perhaps the biggest honor of all would to be called, simply, 'The Storyteller'.

And that, of course, is Tom T. Hall. I've written before about the time I had the honor to meet Tom T. back in the late 1970's in Aberdeen the afternoon of the evening he performed at the Brown County Fair. To this day, all those many years later, I can still truly say Tom was not only one of the nice performer's I've ever met, but one of the nicest people, period.

But back to the story telling: I guess all of us have our Tom T. favorite, from the though provoking 'Old Dogs, Children And Watermelon Wine' to the simplicity and yet deepness of 'I Love'.

Well, one of my favorites was not one of Tom T.'s biggest selling singles, but I just love the message of 'Who's Gonna Feed Them Hogs'. Funny at first listening, but something under the surface of the song stays with you.

Take a few minutes, listen to Tom on stage not all that many years ago as he...well, tells stories...and then sings this great classic.

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