I had no idea that lots of folks around the Sioux Falls area are cleaning much more than dirty silverware in their dishwashers.

Check out this list of things other than dishes that you can clean in your dishwasher.

Dog Toys: Just make sure the toys are dishwasher safe. It should say on the item's website.

Baseball Caps: You can put these right on the top shelf of your dishwasher. They even make cages to place your cap on so it holds its shape while your dishwasher cleans it.

Kids Toys: Believe it or not often times kids' toys are labeled “Dishwasher Safe”.

Dustpans: I don't know about this one, but some folks are washing their dustpans in the dishwasher. They must not have as much gunk on their floors as I do.

Phone Cases: Lots of phone cases are silicone, rubber, or plastic. It's cool to clean and disinfect these in your dishwasher. Don't put in any case that has glued on pieces or embedded photos and such. Oh...make sure to take the case off your phone.

Vacuum attachments: Most of these are made of plastic so go ahead and toss em in.

Grill Grates: Make sure a scrape off any chunks or burnt on pieces then put the grate in the washer. Of course, don't use the dishwasher for anything cast iron. You won't like what happens.

Oven Mitts: I'm sooo gonna try this with my potholders and oven mitts. The top rack is best.

Rubber Bath Mats: Washing these in the dishwasher is a great way to sanitize your bath mats. The average dishwasher temp runs from 130 to 140 degrees.

Baby Teething Guards: Again the dishwasher will disinfect your toddler's toys and passys.

Microwave Turntable: If you haven't been cleaning your microwave turntable in your dishwasher you are going to a lot of extra work. Toss it in.

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