Gone forever.

There were sounds we loved growing up in the 'old days'. Oh, we didn't even know we loved them at the time. They were just everyday sounds that we took for granted. Really didn't notice them at all.

And now, if you stop your busy day-to-day life for just a few minutes and think back...poof, they're gone in the wind like a leaf off that tree in your backyard.

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Like the sound of your mom's voice when she said 'Yes' she'd accept your collect call (Collect call? What the heck is a collect call?). Check out these 10 sounds from your growing-up years that your kids will never get to hear.

And there's a lot more you could probably add to the list. How about the buzz of that big TV picture tube warming up? We didn't know that so many familiar sounds would become, well, extinct. That is, I suppose, what they call progress.

Go ahead and add the familiar sounds from your childhood that your children or grandchildren will never have the pleasure to hear. And there's a lot of sights they won't be seeing either.

An antenna on the roof of a house?

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