We all have our favorite songs, our favorite artists, in fact, our favorite era of music.

I didn't really and truly get introduced to country music until the early 1970s. Oh, I was familiar with names like Williams, Owens, Tubb & Robbins. But only in a 'passing' kind of way, and mostly through my Dad. But it was (as I've mentioned often) Kristofferson's debut album and the Willie Nelson album Phases & Stages that really got me into the genre.

I've listed here 10 albums that I think every country music fan should hear. I was going to say 'buy', but with all the technology these days, I suppose going to the store and picking up the album is, uh...old school.

So basically, find the music from these 10 any way you can and enjoy!

Of course, I could list 10 or a hundred more. But if you listen to the music from these 10, it'll be a good start!

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