The new Willie Nelson album 'To All The Girls..' features the Country Music Hall of Famer singing duets with female artists ranging from Norah Jones and Mavis Staples to fellow Country Hall of Famers Emmylou Harris and Loretta Lynn.

For my money, Willie is the greatest song stylist in the history of Country Music, and each cut from the album features the unique Willie voice with the most beautiful female voices in any musical genre'.

And yes, Willie (and the ladies) put new spin's on some old classic's, like the one above with Carrie Underwood, a Willie Nelson signature classic.

Also included on the album is a great cut with Rosanne Cash on the Kris Kristofferson's penned 'Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends'.

Now there's no question I'm biased, but truly, on this album Willie Nelson and his guests have hit not only a Home Run, but a Grand Slam!