The most beautiful music in the world is 'our' music...Country Music.

Have you ever heard your favorite country song and thought, 'I wonder how they make that beautiful sound??'

What's that instrument?  And how does he (or she) make it sound like that?  What kind of studio do the professionals work in? And what's the brand of that guitar, steel, bass or fiddle?  Heck, what's it made of??

Well, we can't answer all those questions about your favorite song, but we can, in a sense, 'pull the curtain back' and take a look behind the scenes.

In this video, the legendary Vince Gill and Paul Franklin invite you into Vince's home studio.  These two are, of course, responsible for one of the finest albums in recent years, 'Bakersfield'.  If you're not familiar with 'Bakersfield' well, go ahead and get it.  It's real country music, a tribute to not only people like Merle Haggard and Buck Owens, but to the legendary 'Bakersfield Sound'.

But for now, let's pull back that country music curtain and take a trip into the studio with Vince Gill and Paul Franklin.