Time is running out for first lady Michelle Obama to invite a North or South Dakotan to her husband’s State of the Union Address.

The first lady has invited 115 non-administration guests from 32 states, according to a survey by Smart Politics. But no Red State Dakotans.

In the Northern Plains, Blue States Minnesota and Iowa have landed three and two FLOTUS guests respectively. Even Red State Montana has one invitee.

Fellow Red State Wyoming joins the Dakotas with no one invited by the first lady to listen to any of President Barack Obama’s January addresses to a joint session of Congress.

And there are only two more SOTUs to work in guests from the Dakotas and 16 other states.

Perhaps plant a garden or help a child lose weight if you want to get Mrs. Obama’s attention—and an invitation for next year’s SOTU address.

(Photos from Getty Images.)