If the Dakotas were countries they’d both be Kenya. That’s the conclusion of a recent study and graphic on Redditor based on the Gross Domestic Product of each U.S. state and a country with a corresponding GDP.

For example, California would be Canada, as it has a GDP (greater than $1 trillion) that’s roughly equally to America’s northern friend and ally.

In the Northern Plains, the GDPs roughly match up accordingly:

  • South Dakota = Kenya
  • North Dakota = Kenya
  • Montana = Ethiopia
  • Wyoming = Ethiopia
  • Nebraska = Oman
  • Iowa = Vietnam
  • Minnesota = Nigeria

Besides California, the biggest GDP states and their corresponding countries were Texas equaling Mexico and New York equaling South Korea.

The graphic does not look at population or per capita income, just the roughly closest GDP for the state and companion nation.

The biggest take aways? The United States is a still very wealthy nation and even America’s low population states like the Dakotas still have a lot of economic oomph compared to the rest of the world.