It appears that South Dakota’s business climate is on the rise.  Based on numbers from the Secretary of State, the number of newly registered corporations so far in 2012 is keeping ahead of last year’s pace.

The recently released Economic Report for the 3rd quarter of 2012 uses corporate registration data from the South Dakota Secretary of State’s office, as well as other leading economic indicators for South Dakota business activity.  The hard numbers include 5,154 new corporations formed in South Dakota during the months of January through September 2012.  That’s up from last year by an average of almost 70 more corporations per month.  The statistics are also indicating that the end of year shopping season should be better than last year.

Secretary Gant issues the reports on a quarterly basis, tracking data on corporate registration and other business related activities, which take place through the Secretary of State’s office.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that the state is taking more in through tax revenue although some revenue projections are showing an increase through the first fiscal quarter of the state’s budget year.  These numbers do mean that people are doing business in South Dakota and businesses want to capitalize on those customers.