First snow of the season arrives on October 22, 2013 in Sioux Falls.  Some early totals from the area include about .4 inches of snow in Brandon and an inch near Dell Rapids, but that will be among the highest amounts tallied.  Thankfully, this event will cause minimal disruption to normal routines.

Now that the string of consecutive days without snow has been broken, let’s get some perspective.  The last snow in Sioux Falls was on April 24 when a trace was recorded.  That’s a span of 180 days without snow.  Consider that there was the huge ice and snow storm a couple of weeks prior to that plus 4.6 inches on April 22 that last little dusting was a long time coming.

Also 180 days between snow seasons is kind of average for Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Going back to 2008, 152 days were logged between snows in May and October.  The next year of 2009 brought a little longer stretch of 166 days.  The next three years were each over 200 days between recorded snow events.  A whopping 221 days in 2010, 219 days in 2011 and 212 days last year.