As you well know, here at KXRB and we are all about 'Classic'.  We love the old classic TV shows, the fun old classic commercials, remembering the great classic sports star's and, of course, we love the Classic Country Music most of all.

And then the 'frosting' on the Classic Country Cake is when someone comes along, some new (to me) and unknown (to me) who is, as we say, 'Keeping It Country!'.

A song came across my desk recently that captured my interest.  It was by an artist named Pat Waters, along with an artist named Rachel Sizemore, and was an updated version of the Pop Oldie "Hey Paula'.  Remember that?  Early 1960's by Paul and Paula.  Talk about 'Classic'!  And in this updated 'new' version, it was a whole lot more Country than what passes for Country Music these days.

So I wondered if this was some 'come and go' name and artist.  After all, in this business, there's tons of names that, well, 'come and go', never to be heard from again.  I didn't know who this guy was, if he was really a true Country artist or not.  So I did some investigating and I found this:

Pat Waters doing the all-time great Faron Young Classic 'Wine Me Up' and my question was answered.  Yes, this guy was Country, and I mean traditional great country, just the way we like it here at KXRB.  Give it a listen and see if you don't agree.



Now I wanted to find out who this guy is!  Yep, he might be well known to others, but I hadn't heard of him.  Being, ah, technologically challenged like I am, I just went to his official website ( and found his bio.  And yes, he sure does sound like 'our kind of country' to me.  Here's what it says:


Pat Waters is to Country Music what “peanut butter is to jelly”, synonymous! Pat was born and reared in a small town in Texas and his life and music reflect his upbringing, strong family values, hard work and a sense of loyalty to friends. His recent hit song “The Company I Keep” reflects that innate sense of loyalty to friends.

Pat's music career began in the same manner as many other artists, playing in small VFW's. The moment he realized he had a talent for making an audience feel his emotions, he was hooked on the entertainment business. From those early beginnings Pat has released 9 CD's and every single he released has made the Texas Music Charts. His initial release, “I Knew” scored #1 in the European market and he was named the “Terry Awards Male Vocalist Of The Year” for Texas.

Pat’s music, stage presence and personality compares to Country Music Legends George Strait and  Alan Jackson. Since his early beginning at the small VFW in Chico Texas, Pat has entertained crowds in honky tonk’s, fairs, festivals and private events all over the Southeast and Southwest United States as well as several tours in Europe. Pat has shared the stage with legends like Merle Haggard, John Conlee, Johnny Bush, Lynrd Skynrd and new country sensations; Josh Abbott Band, Stoney LaRue, Brandon Ryder, Jason Boland and many others.

Pat Waters serves as the “National Spokesperson for America’s Drug Free Promotions” (a 501c-3 non-profit organization) and travels to schools throughout the Southwest performing for and talking to youth about the dangers of illicit drugs, teen bullying, teen suicide and the abuse of alcohol. “To coin the old phrase, the children of today are our country’s future, it’s my aim to let them know that a drug free lifestyle is true freedom,” says Pat.

The following quote by Mr. Ron Wynn of the Nashville City Paper sums up Pat Waters as well as anything that can be said;

“There’s always lots of talk about what constitutes “real” country, and much of it usually centers on lyric enunciation, lyric content and musical backing/production. But there’s also an attitude inherent in classic country music, a sense of honesty and integrity that comes across in a manner that people who really love the music immediately identify, and those who truly perform it embody in their work.”


The single 'Hey Paula' is now playing regularly on KXRB and, and we look forward to more great country music from Pat Waters.

Oh and here's Pat with Rachel Sizemore captured on stage singing the hit...with a surprise visit from the orginal writer and singer!